Press review

SRF 1 Tagesgespräch, 2 September 2020: "Die Politik, die Wissenschaft und die öffentliche Gesundheit" with Ursula Zybach (President of the Swiss Society for Public Health) and Fritz Sager (Professor of Political Science at the KPM Center for Public Management University of Bern)

Editorial International Journal of Public Health

The first issue of the Swiss Journal of Public Health, the oldest “ancestor” of the IJPH, was published in January 1921, and its centennial, eventful history is closely linked to the history of public health in Switzerland.

SRF Daily Discussion from 28.8.2019, 13:00

If you can start out fit and alert, you'll be better off later. Good health-promoting conditions for children and young people are therefore central. What measures are necessary to make our boys feel well? The daily talk live from the Swiss Public Health Conference 2019.

Interview in Landbote from 31.08.2019
"Switzerland lacks a children and youth strategy"
Corina Wirth, Managing Director of the Swiss Society for Public Health,
on early intervention, digitisation and missing data.

Report in RSI Radiogiornale from 29.08.2019 by Rete Uno
(from the minute 8'12'' to 11'21'')

Interview in "Krankenpflege" of the september edition
Corina Wirth, the managing director of the Swiss Society for Public Health,

on the purpose and demands of the manifesto.

Interview in the july edition of the GPI by the Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Gesundheitspolitik SGGP
In an interview with Corina Wirth, director of the Swiss Society of Public Health, she explains the importance of child and adolescent health in Swiss politics.

Article in familienleben.ch
The main demands of the manifesto are summarized in 5 points.