B 1 | Workshop | SPHC 2024

2ème étage - F205

Global Health, Surveillance

eHealth Surveillance and Outbreak Response Management experiences in Switzerland, Africa and elsewhere

Kaspar Wyss

Fachgruppe Global Health, Public Health Schweiz & Swiss TPH


Background: Increasing capacity and investing resources into the health care and surveillance workforce as well as health information systems are crucial parts of resilient health care systems and have shown to be essential. Unfortunately, many surveillance systems are not sufficiently timely, sensitive, and detailed to initiate control measures effectively and do not fulfil the WHO concept of Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response. Over the last years there have however been many positive evolutions triggered by the digitalisation as well as the global Covid-10 pandemic. One of these developments has been the establishment of the Surveillance Outbreak Response Management and Analysis System (SORMAS), a mobile eHealth System that organizes and facilitates disease control and outbreak management in addition to disease surveillance and epidemiological analysis for different administrative levels of the public health system. In Switzerland, there is also a marked openness for improved outbreak management through e-Health systems, for example in the area of food borne diseases such as Listeriosis or Salmonella. 

Objectives: The workshop proposed to be organized by the Global Health Interest Group of Public Health Switzerland, shall allow participants to examine and discuss experiences with eHealth Surveillance and Outbreak Response Management experiences in Switzerland, neighbouring countries and Africa. The main objectives of the workshop are: 

  • Illustrate eHealth Surveillance and Outbreak Response Management experiences in Switzerland and other countries
  • Offering insight in achievements and bottlenecks of Surveillance and Outbreak Response Management systems, including SORMAS
  • Providing a platform for discussing different approaches and systems to surveillance and outbreak response management and analysis.

The workshop shall consist of three experts presenting the latest available information from the field on current initiatives in Switzerland, neighbouring countries and Africa, and discuss these questions with the audience. This shall be followed by a panel discussion. We following persons are proposed to intervene as panellists:

  • Prof Dr Gérard Krause (WHO) to be confirmed: Experiences and lessons learnt in using the e-health system SORMAS for outbreak management in Germany and Switzerland
  • Dr Helena Greter (Swiss TPH): Ehealth experiences in outbreak management through the Swiss competence centre in outbreak management
  • Dr Tanja Barth-Jäggi (Swiss TPH): Outbreak surveillance systems in Côte d’Ivoire: key characteristics and users’ perception